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Infinite Options, Inc. specializes in data archival, storage, security, disaster recovery and regulatory compliance hardware and software solutions for federal government, healthcare, transportation, legal, insurance, manufacturing, financial, retail, and information technology companies and other organizations.  We focus on delivering solutions to our customers that will reduce the over-all risks, headaches, time, and money spent to protect vital corporate data.  At Infinite Options, we provide many other IT related business services and take pride in being a "Golden Rule Company."  We believe that by putting our customers' needs first we will in turn achieve our goals.  We are headquarted in Knoxville, TN and have been in business for over 24 years. 

Our best-of-breed software/hardware solution for IBM midrange systems, IO/DataManagement, is a business intelligence tool, disaster recovery solution, and an easy way to meet stringent data retention compliance regulations.  IO/DataManagement assists companies with data loss avoidance by protecting the company’s Critical Data Infrastructure against natural disasters, terrorists, Electro Magnetic Pulses (EMP), hackers, disgruntled employees, and potentially unethical people. This high security data protection helps provide solid business continuity while reducing legal liabilities.  IO/DataManagement's business intelligence features allow for better and faster decision making, enriched customer service, and improved employee morale. Beyond data loss avoidance and disaster recovery, our system helps companies save money by streamlining their business procedures.  It relieves personnel from performing mundane and tedious data retrieval tasks, thereby saving time and money. It also reduces other costs associated with printing, storing, and retrieving corporate reports.

Attention: Government Purchasing Agents
SEWP IV (GWAC) info here
Infinite Options products are on Sword & Shield Enterprise Security's SEWP IV Contract.

Infinite Options products are on Sword & Shield Enterprise Security SEWP IV Contract # NNG07DA21B. The SEWP IV contract is a federal government wide acquisition contract that all federal agencies can use for procuring products for the federal government.

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20 reasons to choose Infinite Options, Inc. and IO/DataManagement for your data storage and archival needs.

  1. Infinite Options, Inc. is a 24 year old, service-disabled veteran owned, woman owned small business.  We are still a privately owned and operated, United States based, software company with a proven track-record and a 100% customer satisfaction rate.
  2. Infinite Options, Inc. offered the first IBM midrange optical data storage and archival software solution in the world.
  3. IO/DataManagement has been refined and enhanced since 1989, and has been optimized to provide unparalleled performance and data security.
  4. IO/DataManagement exceeds all national and international requirements for data retention compliance regulations including HIPPA, Sarbanes Oxley, FISMA, and more.
  5. Our software and hardware solutions can utilizes multiple, best-of-breed, data storage and archival technologies.
  6. We have multiple non-magnetic, EMP (Electro Magnetic Pulse) proof data storage and archival mediums that can be utilized with IO/DataManagement to provide additional physical data security.
  7. IO/DataManagement operates on native IBM OS/400, the most stable operating system in the world, with 99.98% system availability.
  8. The operating system utilized has no known viruses and is certified for EAL-4 level of trust (based on the common criteria) as defined by the US government.
  9. Our system utilizes green screen technology already in use by many high volume users. This technology rules out "PC problems" when providing customer support which saves you time and money.
  10. IO/DataManagement discourages hackers from attempting to breach your system under the misguided belief that "Windows screens" may give them a pathway to break through to the customer’s archived data.
  11. Our extensive automation and indexing system eliminates many tasks that companies normally handle manually. This allows these companies to reassign personnel to more productive tasks, which keeps their personnel happy and lets their company run more smoothly and efficiently.
  12. Our system is specifically designed to maximize the speed of the operating system and not slow down other applications concurrently running.
  13. We include technical features and functions which our competitors do not provide such as: "after-the-fact" indexing, efficient media spanning, and page/record level retrievals.
  14. IO/DataManagement archives all corresponding indexes onto the same volume (piece of media) that the information is stored on.  This feature is especially important when migrating to another host computer system, when recovering from a catastrophic hardware failure, when shipping media to another location for use on a second system, or when rebuilding a company following a natural disaster or similar calamity.
  15. Software can be archived along with database files, which allows database file records to be restored and reprocessed with the original application software. (If the software has changed during the interim, it is not always possible to reprocess the data unless the appropriate software was also archived at the same time.)
  16. We provide hardware recommendations and assist with hardware purchases as needed on a case-by-case basis.  Everyone likes personal attention.
  17. We offer personal service and assist our clients in many capacities. We answer the phone with a person rather than an automated answering system. Our customers like knowing there is someone at our company dedicated to resolving their questions; someone they can ask for by name without getting shuffled off by a phone system to the "next available associate".
  18. Our customers know when they call with a question, they will be able to talk to a developer that actually works as a programmer on the system, not someone that can barely speak English or someone who just looks up canned answers.
  19. We don’t charge if a customer requests a special application that we feel will enhance our base software solution. We add such features, at no charge to the customer, and distribute them to all of our customers in the next release of enhancements. This provides our customers with added functionality.
  20. We are a "Golden Rule" company that believes ethical business - is the only way to do business.


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