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DISC Storage LLC

Innovators in data archiving through state-of-the-art optical storage

We manufacture and supply best-in-class, competitively priced, optical storage solutions that ensure tamper proof, permanent and secure online archives.

For 20 years and with more than 22,000 systems installed world wide DISC is recognized as one of the leading and innovative optical data storage suppliers. DISC
customers represent a "who's who" of industry, commerce and institutions world wide. Our unique and patented robotics with their unequaled access speeds are accepted
to be amongst the most reliable and fastest available in the market today. Where ever revision proof data mass storage is called for DISC can offer the most competitively priced solution. We ensure our "Made in Germany" quality by having all manufacturing centralized at our facilities in Bingen, Germany. As a result we are able to offer mature, innovative, highly reliable data storage/archive technology and our customers enjoy the valued long term DISC product reliability.

Our innovations have lead to many awards including recent recognition for our DISC Blu-safe® and TÜV certification for green IT in our DISC BD Series. Read more about these awards here.

We support all optical standards and technologies. With our DISC Network Appliance and DISC systems ranging in capacity from 700 Gigabyte to 35 Terabyte per cabinet, we offer our customers optimal, scalable solutions specific to their requirements.

A global presence

Our steadily expanding Partner network ensures our global presence and an increasing brand awareness. Our products and solutions are augmented through our DISC Service & Support program. This includes our world wide standard and/or customized service and training programs. Our unique DataWatchTM and MediaWatchTM
programs encompass market responsive optical data storage and media consulting services. DISC electronics and patented robotics represent sound, long term investment protection that requires minimal upkeep and maintenance. DISC methodology and technology ensures maximum adherence to world-wide compliance regulations.

Our European and USA offices, in addition to our world wide network of value-add Distributors, ensure our presence in your part of the world. Our products and solutions are supported by our DISC Service & Support program. This includes our world wide service program, customized service programs as required, training programs at our
German or at customer facilities as well as our unique
DataWatchTM program which encompasses market responsive data storage and consulting. Modular DISC
electronics and robotics ensure sound long term investment protection, up-to-date technology, and maximum compliance with all currently known world wide revision proof data storage and archiving requirements.

InPhase Technologies

InPhase Technologies was founded in December 2000 as a Lucent Technologies venture, spun out of Bell Labs research, with the objective of becoming the first company to bring holographic data storage technology to market. Through revolutionary techniques developed by a team of Bell Labs scientists, InPhase has solved several fundamental problems associated with holographic storage, including the creation of a viable storage medium, and the systems expertise
required to record holograms. The result of more than ten years of groundbreaking research in holographic storage has culminated in the InPhase tapestry™ media and drive.

While InPhase's roots lie in the company's unparalleled technical expertise in areas such as the holographic polymer media, holographic storage
techniques, laser optics and drive technology, our greatest strength is the creative application of pure science and experienced engineering for the next generation of storage technology.

The InPhase founders include the principal systems and material scientists from Bell Labs who invented the core technology. In addition, the engineering and business teams have many years of experience successfully developing and bringing to market a wide range of storage products with companies such
as Maxtor, Quantum, Seagate, StorageTek, and Hewlett-Packard.

CAS Severn

Just what is a “solution,” anyway?
Look, let’s cut to the chase.
You want a technology answer. And the assurance it’ll be the right answer for your business problem. An intelligent answer. An answer that effectively connects A to B
(and B to wherever that needs to go), maximizes what you already have in place and includes the right technologies to make your operation run better, more efficiently. Smarter.

And you want it from someone you can trust to look you straight in the eye, cut through the sales jargon, skip the geek-speak and assure you they’re not simply trying to sell you just one of the hundred technology solutions on the market that may or may not be the optimal one for your operation.

Welcome to CAS Severn. Truth is, we’ve been doing this for a very long time. And, frankly, we love this stuff. We know the software, the hardware, the applications. We understand your business and how we can help improve its efficiencies. We spend most of our waking hours (and probably not an insignificant portion of our non-waking ones) working to find the precise answer that’ll get the job done for you. It’s our passion. If not our obsession.

Business IT consulting, infrastructure optimization, enterprise process & content management, software development and operational support. Soup to nuts, really. Or A to
Z, depending on how you look at it. Seasoned IT consultants, proven technologies and expertise, full training, services and support.

A direct approach. An intelligent approach. Answers. CAS Severn.

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